Fire Permit (New Burning Bylaw) – Sturgeon County

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Sturgeon County Council approved Burning Bylaw 1375/16 on October 11, 2016, which will see fire permits carry through year round instead of their current schedule of April to October.

Why the need for the change?

Year-round permitting will make it easier to track where burning is occurring and enhance the safety of Sturgeon County residents. General concerns from the public have been heard in regard to burning on municipal land and designated areas and this will also afford staff the opportunity to enhance fire prevention initiatives with the goal of preventing wild fire and grass fires held over from winter burns.

The proposed amendment includes new definitions but not limited to the following:

Garden and Yard Debris
Large Brush Piles
Windrow Piles
Construction Materials
A site inspection must be conducted by Sturgeon County Emergency Services prior to any permit being issued for a Structure Fire, Large Brush Pile Fire, or Windrow Pile Fire.

Do I need a permit for my fire pit?

Use of approved Fire Pits as listed in the proposed bylaw are permitted throughout Sturgeon County. A Fire Permit is not required under this Bylaw for an attended fire that is lit in an approved Fire Pit for recreation, cooking or warming purposes.

Where can I get more information?

The bylaw is posted here.

If you require additional information, please contact Fire Chief, Pat Mahoney 780-939-8411 or email

Where can I get a fire permit?

Fire Permits are FREE and available online or by phone 780-939-4321.

Failure to obtain a fire permit and/or the violation of any terms and conditions set out in their Fire Permit may result in a fine.


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