Fire Pit Standards - Town of Gibbons

In accordance with the Land Use Bylaw PLU 8/06 and Community Standards Bylaw – Section 4 a fire pit must be constructed under a development permit and in accordance with the following:

Land Use Bylaw PLU 8/06
Section 2.5 Fire Pit
(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Bylaw to the contrary, a development
permit is required prior to the commencement of the installation or construction of
a fire pit.
(2) Fire pits shall not be located within any required minimum front yard or side yard.

Community Standards Bylaw
Part 3 – Outdoor Fires
Section 4 Fire Pit Standards
a) Fire pits shall not be constructed in any required minimum front yard or side yard as outlined in the Land Use Bylaw No. PLU 8/06.
b) In this part a fire pit means an outdoor receptacle used for a recreational fire fueled by preservative free wood and meets the following specifications:

  • is located at least 3.0m from any building, property line or combustible material;
  • the opening does not exceed 1.0m in width or in diameter;
  • the installation has enclosed sides made from a non-combustible material;
  • it has a spark arrester mesh screen cover with an opening no larger than 1.25cm;
  • is set upon or built into the bare ground or a non-combustible material such as brick or stone; and
  • the fire pit is not located over any underground utilities or under any above-ground wires.

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