G. Jones Memorial Scholarship

Introducing the G. Jones Memorial Scholarship:



Mr. Geoff Jones
This scholarship was created in memoriam of Mr. Geoff Jones. Mr. Jones was an upstanding citizen of the Gibbons community ever since his arrival from England. Joining the Gibbons Fire and Rescue Department from 1976- 1983, Jones later went on to Participate in many community foundations. Mr. Jones was found spreading cheer and joy wherever he went. Through his volunteer involvement with Gibbons Fire, Emergency Dispatch Services, minor sports leagues, and local literacy programs, Mr. Jones was a tremendously positive influence on the Town of Gibbons and surrounding area.


This scholarship is designed to financially assist one first responder student who is an active and positive member of our community. With this scholarship, The members of Gibbons Fire and Rescue wish to carry forth Mr. Jones’ legacy of creating a better community.

One scholarship of $1000

Applicants must:

  • Be a Sturgeon County Resident. To be considered a Sturgeon County resident, one of the following conditions must apply:
    • one parent or legal guardian has maintained permanent residence within Sturgeon County for at least twelve consecutive months prior to applicant commencing post-secondary studies, and be residing in Sturgeon County; or
    • Sturgeon County is the last place the student has lived for twelve (12) consecutive months immediately prior to commencing post-secondary studies
  • have education completed to a high school equivalency, or higher level
  • be applying to, or be currently enrolled in a post-secondary Emergency Response program full-time (proof of acceptance required).

Selection Process:
Selection of applicant will be based on, the applicant’s chosen program of studies, the hours and responsibilities of the individuals volunteering history, as well as the individuals completed personal response to the provided topic. The applicant must be enrolled in a full-time program involved in pursuing Emergency Services. This is including, but not limited to; Firefighter Training, Emergency Medical Services, Dispatch Services, Mental Health within First Responders platform, and STARS academy. Please note that MFR and Standard First Aid are excluded from this scholarship.

2021 Application Process:
Applicants must email their completed forms to Scholarship@gibbonsfirerescue.ca in the following order:

  1. Resume including volunteer experience, approximate hours, and responsibilities
  2.  One letter of reference from a volunteer organization of the applicant’s choosing. Applicants may also submit a personal character reference to aid in the selection process if so wished
  3.  Proof of registration or an acceptance letter from the school of applicants choosing
  4. Written personal response to the following question;
    As an individual within Sturgeon County, how are you actively contributing to positively shape our community?

Open to Apply: Annually from February through to August

After the scholarship is opened the application information will be released here.