Retired Members


No, I haven’t forgotten the excitement of riding on a fire rig. “Lights flashing, sirens wailing,” nor the feeling of “a good save”! Whether it be human life or valued possessions of a fellow citizen.

I haven’t forgotten the feeling of standing, ankle deep, in freezing water on a 5 below January night, gloves frozen to the nozzle, fighting a fire I know was caused by carelessness or worse.

I haven’t forgotten the terror of being lost in a smoke filled building….feeling the taste of hot coffee and a cold meat loaf sandwich at four in the morning.

Now, I walk into my old firehouse, only to find it filled with strangers. I may not walk as fast, or stand as straight as you. My hair may be gray or thin. My jokes don’t come as easy as they once did. But I know in my heart I have paid the price, and have “earned” the right to say proudly.

“I’m a retired Firefighter.”

//–Ret. Battalion Chief Joe Carber (FDNY)–//

Gibbons Fire Department Retired MembersFire Chief

» Chmilar, Darcy
» Cormier, Yves
» Fisher, Murray
Deputy Fire Chief

» Jobin, David
» Rubin, Scott

» Holliday, Pete
» Innis, Glenn
» Wilson, Jamie

» Cox, Dwayne
» George, Joel
» Lemoine, Leon
» Longstaff, Darren
» Towle, Curtis
» Tufford, Phil
» Vincent, Kirby

» Amos, Ted
» Audette, Tanya
» Bacchiega, Paola
» Baron, Jordan
» Bassett-Daviau, Christine
» Boudreau, Devin
» Brown, Jamie
» Bruno, Duran
» Cooper, Chantelle
» Cotter, Hope
» Davis, Danny
» Deck, Curtis
» Derouin, Tim
» Dunphy, Cole
» Dewis, Adam
» Douglas, Nicholas
» Duiker, Matt
» Duiker, Wesley
» Eegeesiak, Harry
» Einarson, Kory
» Felker, Merranda
» Ford, Jennifer
» Frazier, Adam
» Gagné, Simon
» Grandy, Adam
» Hedstrom, Jesi
» Hermans, Jamie
» Hill, Tim
» Irving, Bill
» Irving, Penny
» Klarke, Dominic
» Koester, Ashley
» Loblick, Ryan
» MacNaughton, Howard
» McRann, Joanne
» Mercier, Olivia
» Millante, Jay
» Mullins, Keith
» Munro, Ken
» Painchaud, Mathieu
» Philpott, Jon
» Richter, Kurt
» Rose, Milon
» Sahib, Mick
» Smith, Angela
» Smyth, Tanner
» Stashko, Chris
» Steventon, Peter
» Tarasiuk, Mike
» Theal, Adam
» Thompson, Daryl
» Towle, Anita
» Verbaan, Robert
» Waite, Michael